640,000 migrants present in Libya: IoM

TUNIS, The International Organisation for Migration, IoM, has said that there are approximately 641,398 migrants in Libya, mostly coming from 39 different countries.

The figured surfaced in a report published on Thursday about 25th round of IoM Displacement Tracking Matrix data collection between March to May 2019, which showed that these people are present in all 100 Libyan municipalities, distributed in 565 of the 667 communities in Libya, Italian News Agency, ANSA, reported The report said that 9 percent of migrants are minors, 34 percent unaccompanied, and 13 percent are women. Similarly 65 percent of migrants came from Sub-Saharan Africa, 29 percent from North Africa, and 6 percent from Asia and the Middle East. The highest percentage of migrants came from Niger, followed by Egypt and Chad (15 percent each), Sudan (11 percent ), and Nigeria (9 percent ).

The report said 57 percent of migrants live in self-paid rented accommodation, 12 percent in informal camps, 10 percent in employer-provided accommodation, and 8 percent directly at the workplace.

It said 20 percent of identified migrants live in the area of Tripoli, 11 percent in the region of Ejdabia, and 9 percent in Murzuq (in the Fezzan region).

Source: Emirates News Agency