Draeger releases next generation Infinity® Acute Care System monitoring solution

– Advanced monitoring system streamlines workflow by enabling wireless transmission of vital signs data during patient transport, interoperability with ventilators, integration of Masimo rainbow® SET technology, and access to comprehensive clinical data at the point of  need.

LUBECK, Germany, Nov. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire — Draeger announces the VG2 release of its breakthrough Infinity Acute Care System monitoring solution. This release incorporates significant clinical benefits – including wireless surveillance, interoperability with Draeger’s ventilation systems, land ambulance transport, and Masimo rainbow® SET technology. Draeger is one of the first major monitoring vendors to offer the full suite of Masimo’s rainbow® SET noninvasive Pulse CO-Oximetry measurements, which can help hospitals increase patient safety and reduce costs.

Medical technology brings many benefits to the delivery of patient care, but it can also add unwelcomed complexity for caregivers. As a result, clinicians often spend more time dealing with technical interfaces and complicated workflow and less time focusing on direct patient care.

“At Draeger, our response to increased technical and clinical complexity is to explore ways we can simplify acute care delivery for clinicians,” says Marita Klafke, President, Draeger Medical Systems Inc. “The Infinity Acute Care System monitoring solution is designed to help streamline workflow so that clinicians can focus on the needs of the patient.”

The monitoring solution consists of a handheld Infinity M540 patient monitor integrated with the Draeger Medical Cockpit®. The M540 transitions seamlessly from the bedside to wireless transport, eliminating the time consuming process of changing monitors and cables. The Medical Cockpit integrates vital signs data from the M540, together with networked information such as patient history, diagnostic images, lab results, and other networked clinical information into one widescreen display at the point of care.

The VG2 release also enables ventilation parameters from Draeger ventilators to be displayed on the Medical Cockpit and on the network.

Wireless on transport

This fully networked solution allows a single monitor to accompany patients during the entire care pathway, minimizing undetected events. When the Infinity M540 is undocked at the bedside, it automatically switches to wireless and broadcasts patient vital signs data to the Infinity Network allowing uninterrupted monitoring during transport on the Infinity CentralStation. At the same time, it opens the flow of patient information to support time-critical decision making.

Masimo rainbow® SET technology for noninvasive, continuous Pulse CO-Oximetry measurements

The Infinity M540 integrates Masimo rainbow® SET technology – a breakthrough monitoring platform that noninvasively and continuously measures multiple blood components and hemodynamic parameters that previously required invasive procedures.

“Integrating Masimo rainbow® SET technology into the Infinity Acute Care System monitor solution gives our customers easy access to noninvasive rainbow® measurements,” continues Marita Klafke. “This technology delivers real-time clinical intelligence that can help clinicians improve point-of-care assessments and decision-making.”

In addition to SpO2, pulse rate, and perfusion index (PI), Masimo rainbow® SET measures total hemoglobin (SpHb®), oxygen content (SpOC™), carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO®), methemoglobin (SpMet®), and Pleth Variability Index (PVI®). Monitoring SpHb helps clinicians to immediately and continually assess a patient’s hemoglobin level, which may help reduce unnecessary blood transfusions and associated costs, while SpCO and SpMet allow clinicians to rapidly and accurately measure potentially life-threatening carbon monoxide (CO) and methemoglobin levels in the blood. Using PVI, clinicians can monitor a patient’s volume status and fluid responsiveness.

Masimo rainbow® SET technology eliminates patient discomfort and workflow delays associated with traditional invasive blood test processes to obtain these measurements. It provides immediate clinical information that allows clinicians to make clinical decisions in a more efficient way, helping to potentially reduce the cost of expensive lab tests and the risk of blood exposure and cross-contamination.

The Infinity Acute Care System monitoring solution is manufactured by Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.

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