A British magazine: Iraq is fourth in the Middle East in the value of contracts signed within a month

Baghdad, The British “Med” magazine reported today, Wednesday, that Iraq came fourth among the countries of the Middle East in the value of contracts signed for various projects last April.

The magazine said in a report, that according to the value of the “Med Projects” index, deals worth 4.6 billion dollars were signed across the Middle East in April, compared to 3.7 billion dollars in March.

It pointed out that “Iraq came in fourth place at the regional level in the value of contracts that were leaked during the month of April, as it awarded 410 million dollars in contracts in full under one contract to deliver a natural gas processing facility in Basra.

It indicated that “Saudi Arabia topped the order of awarding contracts for projects with a value of $2.133 billion, followed by Qatar second, and then the UAE third, with contracts worth $486 million, and Oman in fifth place, with contracts worth 360 million, Kuwait sixth with contracts worth 79 million, and Oman seventh, with contracts worth 34 million.” million, while Egypt finally came with a value of $8 million.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency