A Leader of the Popular Mobilization: Other operations will follow the fourth phase of the Will of Victory Operation

BAGHDAD, The Commander of the Anbar Sector of the Popular Mobilization, Qassem Musleh, said that the Popular Mobilization and the security forces fought in one trench during operations of the Will of Victory, noting that there are other operations will be launched after the completion of the fourth phase of the operations.

Musleh said, according to the site of the “popular mobilization,” that “the fourth phase of the Will of Victory, which was launched last Saturday was successful at all levels,” stressing that “the Popular Mobilization and security forces worked in one trench and sent a message to all who sought sedition.”

He added that the process has witnessed a great coordination between the security forces of various types and the Popular Mobilization,” stressing that “there will be other operations follow the fourth phase of the will of victory.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency