A military delegation discusses with Diyala’s military leaders the security conditions within areas of responsibility

A military delegation from the Ministry of Defense held an important meeting with the military leaders in Diyala operations to discuss the security conditions in the areas of responsibility.

A security source told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that a high-ranking military delegation from the Ministry of Defense, headed by the Commander of the Ground Forces, arrived at the headquarters of the Diyala Operations Command and held a series of important meetings with military leaders to discuss the security conditions and measures taken to confront the challenges within the Al-Adhaim River Basin sector north of Baqubah. .

He added that during the meetings, it was emphasized to conduct an evaluation of the redeployment plan, maintain the momentum of qualitative operations, and work to advance the intelligence effort and cooperate with the people, stressing that the Ministry of Defense continues to implement the strategy of strengthening military forces and supporting Hamrin, Al-Adhaim
and the border areas with Salah al-Din.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency