A Military Operation Launched To Track Daesh Cells In Southern Areas Of Baquba To Baghdad

Baquba, Iraq (NINA) – The Tigris Operations Command announced the launch of a military operation to hunt down Daesh cells in the southern districts of Baquba. Diyala Governorate Center.

Major General Mezher al-Azzawi, commander of the Tigris operations, told NINA today that “joint security formations of the army and the police, supported by factions of the popular mobilization and air cover, started a military operation from two axes to track Daesh cells in the areas south of Buhraz and Kanaan district, down to Baghdad administrative border.

He added, “The military operation comes within the strategy of the Tigris operations to secure Diyala from Daesh cells and to prevent the organization from finding a foothold on the land of Diyala. Indicating that the results of the military operation will be announced in the coming hours.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency