A number of persons accused of various criminal offenses arrested in different parts of Baghdad

BAGHDAD, The Criminal Investigation Directorate of Baghdad has announced the arrest of a number of defendants of various criminal offenses according to judicial warrants issued by the competent courts in different parts of the capital.

“A suspect wanted in the case of killing a woman arrested in al-Habibiya area and another defendant wanted by Al-Quds Crime Office for the murder of a person in Sadr City,” the Directorate said in a statement.

“An accused was also arrested for attempting armed robbery of a house in Al-Amil district and arresting another defendant for stealing a sum of 8 million dinars and gold jewelery from a house in the Bayaa area, as well as for arresting an accused in the Dora area for having impersonating the Director of the office of the head of the national security apparatus and the arrest of a defendant for several (multiple thefts) of shops in the new Baghdad area.

“The arrest of an accused for several different thefts (of civil generators) in the area of Al-Sha’ab and two accused of having (several different thefts and multiple motorcycles) in the areas of Al-Khadra neighborhood and Husseiniya laboratories.”

“The arrest of an accused for theft of gold jewelry worth 5 million dinars and a sum of money from a house in the Karrada area, arrested a thief for stealing mobile devices from a person in the Kadhimiya area as well as the arrest of forged traffic contracts in the Taji area and the arrest of accused of forgery (official documents) in the area of Mansour and another for forging (marriage contract) in the area of Salihiyah.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency