A retired Major General..and his father is a former Interior Minister, is Allawi’s new candidate for the Defense Ministry

BAGHDAD – Under the constant acceptance and rejection of the candidates of the Ministry of Defense and for months has emerged over the past few days a new name that may get the post for his professional and long experience.

A source within the National Coalition issued a press statement that “Dr. IyadAllawi presented our candidate for the post of Minister of Defense, Major General Mohammad Rajab Abdul Majid al-Ani.”

The source, who asked not to be named, said that al-Ani had been agreed by all the members of the coalition because of his competence and professionalism in military action.

Major General Mohammed Rajab is a graduate of the Iraqi Military College and was a member of the Special Forces formation and one of the first officers to jump in the sky.

Al-Ani left Iraq in the late 1980s and settled in Denmark. He returned after 2003 and worked for the Iraqi Intelligence Service with Lieutenant General Mohammed Abdullah Al-Shahwani.

Al-Ani is from a well-known political family. His father, Rajab Abdul Majeed al-Ani, was the Interior Minister under former President Abdel Salam Aref.

The corridors of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and about four months are still crowded with the names of candidates for government Ministries and the acceptance and rejection of the names of candidates continues because of trends and partisan and partisan quotas and the conflict continues to take over the Ministries of Defense and Interior after the submission of more than one candidate to take over those Ministries.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency