Abdul-Mahdi affirms Iraq’s readiness to respond firmly to any aggression by all available means / expanded

BAGHDAD Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Adel Abdul Mahdi said Iraq was ready to respond firmly and by all available means to any aggression launched from outside or inside the country.

Abdul Mahdi informed, according to a statement to his media office, the members of the Council of Ministers on the results of ongoing investigations into the attacks on weapons stores and materiel in a number of areas, and follow-up preventive and protective measures for all stores, and explain the strategic directions and plans in dealing with potential developments .

The Prime Minister explained the high readiness of our armed forces to defend Iraq and its citizens and state institutions and diplomatic missions operating in Iraq, stressing “Iraq’s readiness to respond firmly and by all means available to any aggression launched from outside or inside Iraq.”

He also discussed on the ongoing diplomatic movement with all neighboring countries, Arab, regional and friendly countries and the international community, at the highest levels, to explain the position of Iraq and mobilize regional and international support for solidarity with it and its just position and its policy in support of peace and stability.

The Council of Ministers reiterated its full support for the position of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and his clear vision in the management of the crisis and reassurance on the capabilities of our people and our armed forces and for the significant development in the status of Iraq in its Arab, regional and international environment.

The Council stressed the importance of Iraq continuing to play its influential and constructive role in defusing the crisis that threatens the security of the region and the world and undermines efforts to combat the ISIS and threaten the security of Iraq, the region and the world.

The Iraqi government stressed its full commitment to its constitutional and national responsibilities to defend the security and safety of Iraq, its people and national sovereignty over all its soil, stressing: “Our people, who faced the most difficult circumstances and courageously overcome them and inflicted a great defeat on ISIS, able to emerge from any new challenge stronger, more confident, and more capable. The victory, which was baptized with precious blood, can only be reinforced in all circumstances, and any attack on its territory, sovereignty, armed forces or any formation is an attack on all.

The Council of Ministers stressed that the sensitive situation that Iraq is going through requires acting with wisdom and courage and keenness on the present and future of Iraq and its people, and requires unity of the national ranks in all its political and media activities.

The council praised the unified and supportive stance of the three presidencies’ meetings with the PM leaders and with the political forces.

The Cabinet affirmed the right of Iraq to take the necessary measures legally and diplomatically, through regional institutions, the Security Council and the United Nations, in defense of its sovereignty and security and by all legitimate means.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency