Abdul Mahdi to a French Minister: Normal conditions gradually returning to Iraq

BAGHDAD -The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Adel Abdul Mahdi, said that normal conditions are gradually returning throughout the country and security forces are holding the initiative.

“Regional and international cooperation is an important factor in the elimination Daesh that forms a threat to all,” Abdel Mehdi said during a meeting in his official office today, French Defense Minister Florence Barley.

He expressed his pride in the Iraqi-French relations, and thanked her for supporting Iraq in fighting Daesh, security, intelligence, humanitarian and displaced people’s affairs.

He called on “to focus support and cooperation in the next phase on the economic fields and the reconstruction and stability of Iraq,” welcoming the visits of senior officials of both countries to achieve this.

During the meeting, they discussed the development of cooperation between the two countries and support efforts to stabilize Iraq and fight the remnants of Daesh, and the situation in the region.

The French Minister said: “France considers respect and appreciation for the pivotal role that characterizes Iraq and its balanced relations and the impact of this in solving the problems of the region,” stressing her country’s support for the stability of Iraq and the pursuit of efforts to pursue terrorism and the remnants of Daesh gang, cooperation with the Iraqi government in its trend towards the reconstruction of Iraq and the development of services and cooperation in areas that serve to enhance security, development and economic prosperity.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency