Abu Dhabi DoE to participate in Singapore International Energy Week

ABU DHABI, The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy, DoE, is set to play a key role at the Singapore International Energy Week, SIEW, by highlighting its array of services to the UAE capital’s energy sector, as well as outlining its role as a key partner organisation driving the global sustainable and clean energy agenda.

This year, SIEW is being hosted in Singapore from 29th October to 1st November 2019. Featuring government energy ministers, senior sector analysts and prominent industry CEOs, the annual SIEW is a forum for energy sector stakeholders to assess current developments in the global energy landscape.

The four-day programme will witness keynote addresses, presentations, panel discussions and workshops, all designed to analyse current challenges, evaluate available opportunities and discuss how to best formulate an effective roadmap towards a sustainable energy future.

The DoE said that its presence at the summit reflects its commitment to working with all energy sector stakeholders to find solutions to common concerns.

“One of the DoE’s main purposes is to work collegiately with all the other energy sector organisations in pursuit of common goals that are centred on driving a shift away from fossil fuels to clean and renewable forms of energy. Participating in the SIEW shows our commitment in this regard, and with Abu Dhabi’s name being synonymous with the energy sector as one of its main producers, we are looking forward to sharing our expertise and experience with other attendees,” said Awaidha Murshed Al Marar, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi DoE.

The DoE’s participation in the SIEW 2019 follows Abu Dhabi hosting the 24th World Energy Congress in September. During the event, the department developed working partnerships with a number of agencies to help it deliver its mandate to enable Abu Dhabi’s energy transition through regulation and policymaking, and to drive sectoral change towards new forms of clean and renewable energy.

Source: Emirates News Agency