Abu Dhabi Youth Council adopts ideas, suggestions on design of local youth centre

ABU DHABI, The Abu Dhabi Youth Council held a meeting to present and adopt ideas from the youth in the design of the Abu Dhabi Youth Centre, which is planned to be launched in a year’s time in Abu Dhabi as the largest youth establishment in the region in terms of space, and will hold events that aim to serve Emirati youth.

The meeting, which was attended by many students of design and engineering, members of the council, and the youth who suggested ideas through the hashtag, “#AbuDhabi_Youth_Centre,” included a presentation on the latest designs and technologies that could be used to design and build youth establishments in the country.

The meeting was also attended by a committee of experts that was formed to review and evaluate the ideas, based on their expertise in the construction and design of youth establishments. The Abu Dhabi Youth Council will adopt the selected ideas and transform them into reality, through the new Abu Dhabi Youth Centre.

Shamma bint Suhail Faris Al Mazrui, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and President of the Emirates Youth Council, launched a campaign on social media to design Abu Dhabi Youth Council, which aims to involve the youth in the centre’s development.

The council also created partnerships with numerous government and public authorities and institutions, to exchange relevant information and expertise, especially on interactive platforms.

Ahmed Taleb Al Shamsi, President of the Abu Dhabi Youth Council, said that the project has attracted the participation of the youth of Abu Dhabi, as well as relevant government authorities and private sector companies involved in areas such as art, media, culture, education and security.

Al Shamsi stressed that the ideas raised during the social media campaign and in the meeting addressed the centre’s design and development and were based on the local environment and culture while adding that some suggestions were made on the centre’s events, development and content, which must be suitable for the youth and help develop their skills, in cooperation with various local and international organisations.

The Emirates Youth Council worked on the design and development of the Dubai Youth Council, which was launched in September and attracted the participation of many Emirati youths. The centre has received thousands of visitors since its launch and organised many events, workshops and lectures for the youth.

Source: Emirates News Agency