ADEC’s support will make learning Arabic easy

ABU DHABI: A U.A.E. paper has said that a lot has been written and discussed about the need for enhancing the teaching of the Arabic language in schools in the U.A.E. and for all the right reasons. There is a need to push its assimilation deeper into the U.A.E.’s social fabric. As opposed to learning a language as a native tongue, the teaching of it presupposes a strategy that needs to be well-defined for it to be effective.

“In this context, the efforts of the Abu Dhabi Education Council, ADEC, in planning a research centre to support the teaching of Arabic in the U.A.E. is an important step in actualising this outcome.”, said ‘Gulf News’ in its editorial today.

Language, as a cognitive function, has a complexity that can only be tackled with the help of effective teaching tools and strategies that can speed up the cognitive and metacognitive processes of the brain. ADEC’s research centre will focus on creating these tools which will go a long way in empowering teachers as well as students to approach the process of teaching and learning, respectively, in a systematic manner.

“Such initiatives are critical to help convert theory into practice and set into motion long-term positive consequences that in alignment with U.A.E.’s vision 2021”, concluded the paper.