ADM completes maintenance works on Al Mina – Abu Dhabi Corniche Street

ABU DHABI, The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, ADM, has confirmed that it has recently completed all maintenance works of the street linking Al Mina & Abu Dhabi Corniche. Works aimed at rehabilitating the road, enhancing its efficiency, and raising the level of safety and security for users.

The Municipality, in cooperation with its strategic partners, announced the reopening of the street on 17th March 2018, in the direction from Al Mina.

The maintenance of Al Mina and Abu Dhabi Corniche Street included scraping and replacing the asphalt layer with a new layer of high-quality international standards. In addition to re-paving the asphalt cladding, and providing quality driving according to the highest safety and security standards for road users. It also included the surrounding road assets, alterations of sanitation facilities and rainwater drainage.

Source: Emirates News Agency