ADM issues warnings to 45 salons, seizes expired items

ABU DHABI, The City Municipal Centre at Abu Dhabi City Municipality, ADM, has announced that it had served 45 warnings to hairdressing salons and beauty parlours, seized 1,046 packs of outlawed and expired materials, and issued eight judicial injunctions to offenders, as part of a series of inspection campaigns recently launched by the centre in Abu Dhabi.

The ongoing inspection campaigns aimed to follow-up the compliance of hair-cutting and beauty salons with the standards set for the occupation by Abu Dhabi City Municipality. The inspection also seeks to detect and seise any illegal or unlicensed materials to aid public safety.

The inspection campaigns covered men’s salons, ladies beauty centres, children’s salons, outlets selling cosmetics, and ladies gyms. Inspection visits covered 686 stores during which the municipality seized 1,046 packs of expired, outlawed or harmful materials, such as black henna and Chinese henna, while also issuing 45 warnings to the violating establishments.

During their field visits, inspectors detected several explicit violations relating to poor hygiene of the facility, using expired items, and failure to clean and sterilise equipment, as well as the poor storage and dispensation of hair care products. The inspection campaigns are in line with Law No. 02 of 2012 prohibiting any natural or corporate person from practising any business that may have an adverse or harmful impact on the public health, hygiene and tranquillity in the emirate.

Verbal warnings are served to beauty parlours in case of the failure to comply with hygiene conditions, lack of general maintenance, and inadequate cleaning of facilities. Before serving any offence, violators are offered a grace period to redress their attitudes and comply with the applicable rules and regulations. In the case of detecting expired materials, poor storage of items, the use of prohibited items or offering remedial services without an official permit, offenders will be served with immediate tickets or injunctions where the concerned judicial authorities will decide the amount of fine.

The municipality seeks to continue its monitoring and follow-up of these facilities and will not tolerate any breach of the applicable rules and regulations for the sake of protecting public health.

Source: Emirates News Agency