ADM, World Bank Group discuss cooperation

ABU DHABI, 2nd April, 2018 (WAM) — The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, ADM, and the Department of Economic Development, DED, met a delegation from the World Bank Group and discussed ways of strengthening cooperation in public interest and community service as well as the development of Abu Dhabi.

The step is in line with the municipality’s and the DED’s continuous efforts to enhance the competitiveness programmes and raise customer satisfaction in building permit procedures.

The municipality made a detailed presentation for the delegation on the issuance of building permits, stages, and ways of facilitating procedures to meet the community aspirations and keep pace with the development of Abu Dhabi. ADM has made great progress in the issuance of building permits and has completed an action plan to ease the issuing of permits in Abu Dhabi.

The Building Permits Division is aiming at moving forward in the classification, expected to be issued in 2019, through an action plan that eases the issuance of permits in Abu Dhabi, and developing a unified electronic system of building permits and putting it into practice to enhance integration between the programmes of strategic partners and participants in the same criterion.

The municipality has outlined its actions for reducing the number of procedures for issuing permits through the development of more effective procedures within a short timeframe. In addition, it seeks to study the cost of permits, while ensuring a higher quality of construction projects in cooperation with the development programmes prepared by the Department of Economic Development for facilitating the building permits procedures and linking it to the modern technology.

The World Bank delegation expressed appreciation of the achievements made by the municipality in many areas, especially in upgrading the services provided to the public with the latest technologies. They also expressed their keenness in strengthening cooperation, exchanging experiences with the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, and promoting effective communication.

Source: Emirates News Agency