ADP Best Government Entity in Tawdheef Recruitment Fair 2014

ABU DHABI: The Selection and Recruitment Department at the Directorate-General of Human Resources of Abu Dhabi Police has been recognised for “Best Entity to Attract Competent Emirati Job-Seekers” among more than 70 other government entities and private sector institutions that participated in the Tawdheef Recruitment Fair 2014.

The department was granted the award in recognition of its approach during the exhibition where interviews were immediately conducted with nationals who submitted their applications electronically. Brigadier Obeid Belhubalah Al Kutbi, Head of the Selection and Recruitment Department at Abu Dhabi Police, received the award in appreciation of the department’s success in attracting skilled Emirati citizens during the exhibition.

Brigadier Al Kutbi said, “Abu Dhabi Police has acquainted job seekers with available job opportunities, as well as the process of applying for jobs and following up with their job applications electronically. It also motivated them to join the police force in order to provide services to the public with high efficiency and to facilitate and speed up the completion of nationals’ and residents’ transactions.” In conclusion, Brigadier Al Kutbi stressed the keenness of Abu Dhabi Police to attract nationals to apply for jobs, as per the Directorate-General of Human Resources’ strategic plans, focused on achieving the optimal use of human resources by implementing the best international practices.

The Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters’ pavilion at Tawdheef Recruitment Fair 2014 attracted a significant number of Emirati job seekers wishing to work for Abu Dhabi Police. They submitted electronic applications for jobs with the help of the Selection and Recruitment Department’s staff members.