ADP urges drivers to be cautious during unpredictable weather

ABU DHABI, The Abu Dhabi Police, ADP, urged drivers to take caution when caught in unpredictable weather conditions in the coming days, and highlighted the possibility of rain, strong winds and expected fog covering the nation’s roads.

The ADP urged drivers to reduce their speed to 80 kilometres per hour, in line with the decision of the Traffic Safety Committee, during unstable weather conditions, which include rain, wind, sand storms and fog, as well as to leave a safe distance between cars and avoid sudden braking on wet roads.

It stressed that the formation of sand on roads also causes accidents, which requires caution and following traffic regulations during such conditions.

The ADP highlighted the importance of monitoring weather forecasts and following prevention instructions on its smart system, such as traffic instructions.

It also urged drivers, whose vehicles are subject to minor accidents or sudden mechanical breakdowns during difficult weather conditions, to stop on the right side of the road, to maintain their safety and ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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