After announcing its withdrawal from the Labor Party, the General Authority declares its openness to various national forces

BAGHDAD The General Authority of the Civil Gathering for Reform (Labor) announced on Saturday that it has withdrawn from the party for failing to respond to its ambitions.

“The withdrawal from the party was due to its failure to respond to our ambitions and to employ our intellectual, political and social capabilities,” a statement by the Authority said.

“The Authority will engage in a multidimensional and multi-pronged dialogue to support the program of real reforms that the Iraqis are looking for,” the statement said.

It affirmed its openness to the various national forces and its readiness to deal with them within the framework of its interim interests that serve the Iraqi society.

The statement pointed out that the Authority will work to develop political and national awareness and develop and build the capabilities of Iraqi youth through programs, workshops and initiatives and defend youth issues and develop their abilities through ambitious and realistic programs and decisions, and strengthen their position politically, economically and socially, firmly to serve the Iraqi citizen.

The statement of the Authority pointed to develop strategies to promote and empower women politically, economically and socially by supporting their participation in decision-making at all levels fully and on an equal basis, and as an urgent national task.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency