After reviewing the size of the city in Mosul, Muayad al-Lami calls for doubling the support provided to it in an exceptional manner

BAGHDAD, Head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate Muayyad al-Lami called for doubling support for the reconstruction of the city of Mosul and exceptionally away from routine and traditional methods.

Al-Lami said during his tour in Mosul today, accompanied by the Commander of Nineveh Operations, Maj. Gen. Najem al-Jubouri, that the magnitude of the destruction that the city suffered during the occupation is encouraging and the result of military operations to liberate them obligates us to provide exceptional support urgently.

Al-Lami stressed that the return of stability to the city and compensating its people to the harm they have inflicted on us to stand with them in their plight and compensate them by all means and possibilities.

Al-Lami pointed out that in order to secure the transfer of the living image of the suffering as a result of the great destruction that was inflicted on the city and the insistence of its people on the restoration of stability, it will soon attract media teams from satellite channels, newspapers and news agencies to make the world more aware of the city’s destruction and damage, to rebuild them and to mobilize energies towards rehabilitating the infrastructure of this ancient city.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency