Agribank employees resume work after 12-day strike

WINDHOEK: Employees of the Agricultural Bank of Namibia (Agribank) who have been on strike the past 12 days, resumed work on Thursday after the company agreed to increase their salaries by eight per cent.

The salary increase will be backdated to 01 April this year.

The General Secretary of the Namibia Financial Institutions’ Union (Nafinu), Asnath Zamuee told Nampa on Thursday that the 94 Agribank employees who were on strike have now resumed their duties, because their main demand was met.

Initially, the workers were demanding that Agribank should increase their salaries by 12 per cent, and that the bank’s chief executive officer, Ambassador Leonard Iipumbu should be fired.

The workers further demanded that the appointment of Agribank’s Legal Advisor Erenstine Kalomo should be investigated, and that ‘heads should roll’ over her irregular appointment and her inflated salary offer.

They were also demanding that the company’s Human Resources Manager Beata Kapolo should be re-deployed to other responsibilities that have nothing to do with human resources management and administration.

Zamuee told Nampa that the company will appoint separate consultants to investigate the feasibility of implementing the remaining demands, and the outcome of that investigation will be made available to the union by the end of November this year.

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