Al-Abadi and Al-Hakim emphasize the need to provide services, jobs and economic development

Baghdad, Head of Al-Nasr Coalition HaiderAbadi and Head of the Alliance of Reform and Reconstruction Ammar al-Hakim, stressed the need to provide services and employment opportunities and the development of the economy and maintain stability and security achievements.

The media office of the Head of Al-Nasr Coalition said that “during the meeting, they discussed the latest developments in the political process and the overall security and economic situation of the country and the evaluation of government work to achieve the aspirations of our people in providing services and job opportunities, developing the economy and maintaining stability and security achievements.

Al-Abadi and Al-Hakim stressed during the meeting that the interests of the country and our people require the integration of political action and stay away from differences and break the will and dialogue to resolve all problems and meet the many challenges and maintain the achievements achieved, in addition to monitoring the government work and evaluation in all sectors.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency