Al-Abadi congratulates the Iraqi Army on its 89th anniversary

BAGHDAD, Former Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi congratulated the Iraqi army on the 89th anniversary of its establishment.

Al-Abadi said, “I extend my warm congratulations to the heroes of the Iraqi army on the occasion of the festival and the ninety-eighth anniversary of the establishment of the army, which comes to us and our country and our people enjoy security and stability thanks to your tournaments with the rest of our armed forces of various types after liberating man and land.

He added: “You have achieved pride of all Iraqis, what the world considered impossible and described what you have achieved by miracle, blessed to us and the sons of our people you are the sons of this people and sacrificed with your blood for the present and future.

He said, “O heroes of the Iraqi army have sacrificed and fought and defended the Iraqis of all sects and components and must remain for all Iraqis under the banner of Iraq and must keep the army away from affiliations and loyalties and remains loyal to Iraq only.

Abadi reiterated congratulations to you, the country’s symbol, and to the martyrs and the wounded who, with their sacrifices, achieved victory and maintained our country.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency