Al-Abadi meets an American delegation and stresses the importance of community reconciliation after the liberation of the land from Daesh

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed the importance of community reconciliation, which began after all land is liberated, noting that “there are small elements trying to obstruct this community peace and the government is working to address this issue.”

“Our message to the blocs is that we fought together and called together to work together for reconstruction,” he said during a meeting with a delegation from the USIP, led by Nancy Lindborg, the institute’s President, adding that we need to hold elections on time to preserve the rule of the constitution, pointing out that” these communities coexist in a proper manner, as confirmed by the existence of great confidence of citizens in the security services. “

For his part, the institute’s delegation praised the achievements made against the liberation of Iraq from the terrorism and the government’s plan to return large numbers of displaced people to their liberated areas, pointing out that this was an important achievement.

The US delegation stressed that through the studies and the situation in Iraq, it is clear that there is optimism among the people and confidence in the Prime Minister and the security services, and that people are now looking for economic reform and a comprehensive political system that is cross-sectarian.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency