Al Ain Zoo ramps up precautions, launches awareness campaign

AL AIN, Al Ain Zoo is implementing a set of precautionary measures in response to the declaration of a state of emergency in the region due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in order to ensure public safety and business continuity across all of its departments.

The precautionary measures target four main pillars: visitors, employees, animals, and the zoo facilities. On 15th March 2020, the zoo announced a temporary closure until further notice in response to COVID-19 and began implementing remote work.

During this period, the zoo is carrying out sterilisation operations and cleansing all of its facilities, offices, and buildings. It has also activated electronic systems that guarantee business continuity, while its teams are working remotely, enabling communication between all staff members.

Al Ain Zoo is also coordinating and working closely with the various authorities concerned with safety and public health to follow up on all updates related to safety and hygiene requirements.

As for the zoo’s vital workers, including field staff and animal breeders, it has paid special attention to their safety and has reduced the number of on-site staff. The zoo is also distributing health and safety publications and organising awareness workshops for its employees to ensure their commitment to the precautionary measures.

The zoo also launched an awareness campaign on its social media accounts under the hashtag, ‘#WeAreCommitted’, to inform people of its efforts and advise them on how to invest their time while staying at home.

Omar Yousef Alblooshi, Director Marketing and Corporate Communication, said, “The zoo is dealing with a special situation, as this emergency includes not only staff members and facilities but also our wildlife and animals that require special care throughout the day. So, we have taken every precaution from the very first moment the virus started to spread, in compliance with the government direction concerning wildlife and our social responsibility towards our visitors. We will keep our visitors updated about all developments until the situation returns to normal.”

Source: Emirates News Agency