Al Ain Zoo to showcase attractions through pop-up event at Zabeel Park in Dubai

AL AIN, Al Ain Zoo has announced to wildlife enthusiasts and prospective visitors that it will feature an interactive pop-up event at Zabeel Park in Dubai from 4 pm to 9 pm from 18th to 20th November to promote the Zoo’s activities and experiences and reach out to a wider scope of audience.

Zabeel Park was chosen for its touristic location, area size and diversity of nationalities that visit the park. The pop-up is divided into several stations, including a reception station, an interactive station to pet and take photos with the animals, educational and public interactive workshops, competitions as well as a display of an Al Ain Safari car.

The pop-up event is in line with the Zoo’s mission to conserve nature through research and knowledge dissemination, protect endangered species and improve society’s behaviour towards caring for nature and animals.

Al Ain Zoo invites the public to visit the pop-up to enjoy various promotional and interactive activities and take advantage of the discounts offered during the event that is set to tour multiple cities in the UAE.

Source: Emirates News Agency