Al-Bazouni announced that the Council of Ministers referred the request of Basra Region to the General Secretariat of the Council

The Head of the Basra Provincial Council Sabah Hassan al-Bazouni announced the transfer of the request of the Region from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to the General Secretariat of the Council, noting that the hope to form the region exists despite objections.

Al-Bazouni said in a press statement that the federal government and the central provinces, and all those with the centralization feeling, do not want to establish the Region of Basra, indicating that the request legal matters to transfer it is conducted in accordance with the legal context.

Al-Bazouni said that there is a follow-up to the steps to transform the province into a region, and Basra will get its aim in this regard in this period or in the future, pointing out that we do not wait for anyone for “sympathy,” especially after the Prime Minister’s Office sent the request of the Council to the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency