Al Burda Prize 2021 extends registration deadline until July 26

ABU DHABI, The Ministry of Culture and Youth has announced the extension of the registration period for the 16th session of the Al Burda Award 2021. Applicants can now register until 26th July for contesting in the Award’s five categories – decoration, traditional and modern calligraphy, Nabati and classical poetry, and typographic design.

Al Burda Award, whose prize money totals AED1,130,000, is a global platform for Islamic arts, plays a major role in bolstering the cultural and creative scene in the country. It underscores the UAE’s role in preserving and nurturing Islamic arts and cultural heritage.

The Ministry will continue to receive applications for registration from creators, artists, poets, calligraphers and plastic artists from all over the Islamic world, who can fill out the participation form on the Award’s website

Five entries will be awarded in decoration, which includes four forms, the three non-figurative forms (Arabic calligraphy, plant decorations and geometric decorations) and pictorial representation. The first prize winner will receive AED70,000, the second AED50,000, the third AED40,000, the fourth AED30,000, and the fifth AED20,000.

In poetry, eight winners will be honoured, with four each in Nabati and classical forms of poetry. The poems should have Prophet Muhammad as the theme. The four winners each in both sub-categories will be handed AED70,000, AED50, 000, AED40,000 and AED20,000 respectively.

In Calligraphy, nine awardees will be selected in two sub-categories – five in traditional Arabic calligraphy and four in Modern Arabic calligraphy. While the five awardees in the first sub-category will receive AED70,000, AED50,000, AED40,000, AED30,000 and AED20,000 respectively, the four winners in the second sub-category will be handed AED70,000, AED50,000, AED40,000, and AED20,000.

In the newly added category of Typographic Design, 11 people will be awarded total prize money of AED170,000. The first prize winner will receive AED70,000 and the remaining amount will be given in equal portions to ten contestants. This new category encourages participants to explore possibilities of creative interpretations for classical forms of calligraphy with the use of digital fonts.

Applicants can learn the details of the criteria determined by the Ministry for participation in each category by reading the website for the Award. Each participant is allowed to submit only one application and additional ones will not be accepted.

Source: Emirates News Agency