Al-Halbousi Stresses, In The Parliamentary Finance Meeting, The Need To Quickly Complete The Budget Law And Reduce Spending

Speaker of the Parliament, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, chaired the meeting of the Finance Committee, in the presence of the chairman and members of the committee today, to discuss matters and remaining issues in the provisions of the Federal General Budget Law, and to reach a clear vision in preparation for submitting it to the House of Representatives and setting a session to vote on it.

Al-Halbousi appreciated the efforts made by the Finance Committee and made the appropriate notes regarding it, adding that “this budget is no less important than the previous budgets, but rather the most important as it is for three years with the annual review of the schedules,” pointing to “the importance of the projects contained in the budget, which is reflected in the service program in accordance with the implementation of the government program.”

Al-Halbousi said that “the House of Representatives’ approval of the Social Security Law guarantees the entitlement of workers and the involvement of the private sector, which reduces the budget,” stressing the need to reduce spending in order to increase non-oil resources, reaffirming the speedy completion of the general budget law.

Al-Halbousi stressed the need to accommodate large segments of society by creating job grades to appoint graduates in the governorates and including adequate financial allocations for them.

In turn, the Chairman of the Committee, Atwan Al-Atwani, welcomed Al-Halbousi, reviewing the most important findings of the Finance Committee and its procedures in completing the budget items and schedules.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency