Al-Maliki calls for keeping away from the process of sectarian mobilization in the elections

Baghdad-The Head of the State of Law Coalition Nuri al-Maliki called to participate in the elections.

The participation in the elections will contribute to the completion of the process of advancement and building, and to the will of the people,” he said in a speech during a public ceremony held in Karbala province in a statement to his media office.

Head of the State of Law Coalition called to stay away from the process of sectarian mobilization during the elections, and support all that is national that brings Iraqis together and unite their word, calling voters to check the candidates and their ability to take responsibility, considering the participation in the elections as success of the political process and demanding change.

Al-Maliki said that the draft political majority adopted by the Coalition of the State of Law will give room for all the forces wishing to complete the construction process through a strong government able to meet the aspirations of the people,” pointing out that the political majority does not mean a sectarian majority but a majority that gather all who believe in the unity and sovereignty of Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency