Al-Masari confirms to a Norwegian Diplomat the presence of armed groups in liberated areas dominate the security file

Head of the Iraqi National Forces Alliance Ahmad al-Masari discussed with the Head of the Norwegian government mission in Iraq Karston Karlsen the latest developments in the security and political situation in Iraq.

“The meeting also discussed the file of parliamentary elections and the measures and preparations for them, as well as the restoration of stability and reconstruction of the areas affected by terrorism and the need of liberated provinces to international support on the humanitarian side and the restoration of stability and reconstruction of liberated cities,” the statement said.

“There is a slow pace in the procedures and preparations for the Independent High Electoral Commission as well as the procedures of the executive authority in regard to electronic voting and the distribution of voter cards in the liberated areas,” a statement by the Alliance said.

He added that “the presence of armed groups belonging to political parties participate in the elections dominate the security file in those cities use their influence in favor of candidates supported by this and contrary to the law of the elections of the House of Representatives, raising our fears of the confiscation of the will of the people of those areas, which requires the government to expedite the delivery of the file in the provinces and cities to the local security forces before the election date to ensure free and fair democratic elections expressing the will of the Iraqi people. “

For his part, the head of the Norwegian Mission expressed his country’s readiness to increase its support for Iraq in restoring stability and reconstruction of the provinces affected by terrorism.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency