Al-Messari meets the British Ambassador and stresses the importance of the government’s implementation of its commitments to provide the environment for the elections

Head of the Iraqi National Forces Coalition Ahmad al-Messari stressed the need for the government to implement its commitments to provide the appropriate environment for the elections.

The media office of the Coalition of Forces said that Al-Messari met with the British Ambassador to Iraq, John Wilkes, and discussed , during the meeting, a number of political and security issues related to the Iraqi issue, including the upcoming elections, the nature of political alliances, the return of displaced people and stability of liberated cities .

He reiterated the need to implement the government’s pledges to provide the appropriate environment for the elections through the full return of the displaced people and provide humanitarian and service support to them and assign the task of security in the liberated areas to the local security services and restore stability of liberated cities as well as the completion of the Electoral Commission for the technical and logistical procedures in those areas in order to ensure free and fair elections.

Al-Messari pointed out that the Iraqi National Forces Coalition attaches great importance to the support of the United Kingdom in the areas of reconstruction and stability in the affected provinces, and called for its effective participation in the donor conference to be held in Kuwait.

For his part, the British Ambassador reiterated his country’s support for Iraq in combating terrorism and restoring stability and reconstruction of liberated cities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency