Al-Sudani during a security meeting in Nineveh: The next benefit is economic and service

The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, chaired today, Friday, a security meeting, at the joint operations headquarters in Nineveh Governorate, which included the Chief of Staff of the Army, the Commander of Nineveh Operations, and officials of the various security services in the governorate.

Al-Sudani listened to a detailed explanation of the security and military situation throughout Nineveh Governorate, and was briefed on the implementation of the plans prepared to combat the remnants of terrorist ISIS remnants, fight crime and drug gangs, confront the most prominent security challenges facing the governorate, and the treatments put in place to secure its districts and districts and provide the necessary environment for reconstruction and development.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces referred to the importance of Nineveh security for Iraq, stressing that “the next achievement is an economic and service benefit, so the achieved security must be preserved, while addressing some phenomena, so that it becomes a starting point for consolidating security according to what we have set within our government program,” indicating that ” The province possesses the elements of an economic advancement, and it will be a main axis of the development road that will pass through Mosul, as a giant economic project that serves Iraq and the region, and strengthens our partnerships with the countries of the world.

The Prime Minister directed the security leaders to be present in the field in the areas of operations, and urged their affiliates to have high discipline and professional dealings, and to build a good relationship with the citizens, stressing the importance of adopting modern technology in the security aspect, and the need to fully secure the borders, and to confront firmly the infiltration operations and attempts to use Iraqi lands to carry out Operations outside the law.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency