Al-Suhail: Protecting borders from the infiltration of terrorism from Syria is an important priority for the government

Baghdad, Member of the House of Representatives for the Right bloc Hisham al-Suhail stressed that the protection of the western border with Syria from the infiltration of terrorists is an important priority for the government.

He told NINA news agency that the sudden US withdrawal from the areas of terrorism in Syria has led to new pressure on the Iraqi government to protect the border further to prevent the infiltration of terrorists, especially the areas liberated from terrorism in particular.

Al-Suhail said that the situation in the region is moving towards new challenges and terrorism is trying to take advantage of any gap here or there to spread its poison and criminality, and we must stand firmly against any attempts to return terrorism to our country.”

He stressed the importance of speeding the naming of security Ministers, which will be an important and advanced step to ensure the continuation of security and political stability and strengthening it, especially in areas close to the border with Syria.

US President Donald Trump announced on August 19 that he would defeat the terrorist group “Daesh” and withdraw US troops from Syria soon.

According to media sources, the US forces will be withdrawn in the period between 60 and 100 days.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency