ALGIERS, — The different initiatives undertaken by the Algerian government to fight violence against women have been unable to put an end to this scourge which still persists and is intensifying, says the National Advisory Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (CNCPPDH).

“Despite the different governmental and social initiatives to fight against violence against women, this scourge continues to persist and intensify as demonstrated by the figures and statistics of 2015,” the commission says in its 2015 annual report released here Tuesday.

In this regard, the commission indicates that the incidents of cases of violence rose from 6,983 in 2014 to 9,663 cases in 2015.

The report notes that 9,663 cases of violence against women were recorded by the National Police, including 6,891 cases of physical violence, followed by 2,333 cases of ill-treatment, sexual violence with 282 cases, including 10 incest cases, 119 cases of sexual harassment, 34 women were homicide victims and finally four cases of voluntary assault and battery, causing death.

Concerning the victims’ family situation, the commission says that of the 9,663 cases recorded by the police, 5,423 of the cases involved married women, 2,549 victims were single, 1,051 cases involved divorced women and 575 cases widowed women.

However, according to CNCPPDH, this type of violence remains, in the private sphere, “largely invisible”, pointing out that there are multiple reasons for this low rate of reporting.

Among these reasons, there are the socio-cultural constraints which greatly contribute to dissuading women from reporting the violence perpetrated against them.

For this purpose, the commission recommends particularly the broadening of the notion of conjugal violence to domestic violence, the adoption of a framework law allowing dealing with the specifics of the issue of violence against women.

Source: Name News Network