Allawi calls from Najaf to a civilian government to achieve reform

Najaf – Vice President Iyad Allawi called for the formation of a civilian government that takes into consideration the calls made by peaceful demonstrations and called on the religious authority to reform, adding that “the next battle against terrorism in Iraq will take another face.”

“The youth generation is the most capable of managing the affairs of the country in a way that guarantees equality and justice for all Iraqis regardless of what the Iraqi is, and we look forward to the safety of the Iraqi people,” Allawi said during a seminar by Iraqi National Accord.

“The battle battle will be long and will not end because it will take another face, not the face of armed conflict, but the sleeper cells that breathe poison into the body of the Arab nation and Iraq,” he said.

“The battle against terrorism is not the battle of Iraq, it is a global battle that is everywhere, and stability in Iraq will reflect stability in Syria, Yemen and the Middle East,” Allawi said.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency