Allawi To US Official: War On Terror Will Continue And Trump’s Decision Undermines Stability

BAGHDAD, Vice president, Iyad Allawi confirmed that “The war on terrorism is long-term, necessitating the creation of a suitable environment that repels perverse thought,”, warning of the negative repercussions of the decision to transfer the US embassy to al-Quds.

“The new phase in the fight against terrorism and extremism requires the development of intelligence capabilities and strengthening the joint coordination among the allied countries in the war on terror,” Allawi said during his meeting with the US Defense Department delegation headed by Assistant Secretary of Defense for Political and International Affairs Robert Karim.

He added: “The military war has ended with the victory of Iraq and the international coalition, and the current stage also requires urgent political measures, foremost of which is fighting corruption, addressing the issue of refugees and displaced persons, ending quotas and building institutions professionally away from marginalization, exclusion and politicization, providing job opportunities for the unemployed as a condition for ensuring and creating an environment that prevents and eliminates the opportunities for the emergence and growth of such extremist ideas. ”

About US President Trump’s decision to recognize al-Quds as the capital of Israel and transfer the US embassy to it, Allawi said “The resolution will encourage the forces of terrorism and extremism and undermine efforts to bring peace and security to the region,”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency