Altran Confirms its Support to Dubai World Central for Services Development in Aviation District

PARIS, November 16, 2013/PRNewswire / Asianet-Pakisan –

The next generation aerospace hub, Aviation District, at Dubai World Central (DWC) will be unveiled at the Dubai Airshow 2013. Covering 6.7 sq km of land adjacent to the Al Maktoum International Airport, the DWC Aviation District is an integrated industry cluster that has been strategically envisioned that meets the needs of modern aviation businesses.

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Altran in its role as advisor is supporting DWC in designing a new global offer on MRO cutting edge services. The Group is responsible for defining some high-level solutions, representing DWC in all tenant-contact matters and supervising the pool of international training institutes for qualified engineers, technicians and managers in the different areas involved. A first selection of aviation industry major players will result in a series of contracts due to be awarded at the Dubai Airshow.

To satisfy the constant demand in the private aviation sector for qualified skills, reduced AOG (Aircrafts On Ground) time, cutting-edge maintenance expertise and non-stop innovation, the DWC Aviation District will be a platform to deliver the most innovative MRO services in the world. Underpinned by environmental, technological, and educational excellence, the DWC Aviation District has been founded with three fundamental priorities in mind:

    - To deliver excellence regarding the knowledge of aeronautical activities
      provided through an Engineering/Diagnostic Centre.
    - To provide the dematerialisation of aircraft data, as well as content access
      and sharing via the interactive iKnowledge Centre platform
    - To offer educational and continuing training programmes for technicians,
      engineers and pilots within the Dubai Aerospace Institute of Technologies (DAIT)

The DWC Aviation District is paving the way for future innovative MRO which will be designed to address strong growth in the business aviation sector worldwide and Altran is proud to support DWC in developing the next generation aerospace hub.

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