Ambassadors of Britain, France and Germany assure Abdul Mahdi of their countries’ commitment to support Iraq in the coming stage

BAGHDAD, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi met on Saturday with the Ambassadors of Britain, France and Germany in Baghdad.

“The meeting witnessed the discussion of strengthening relations between Iraq and these countries and the political situation and supporting Iraq during the next phase, in addition to the situation in the region,” the press office of the Prime Minister said in a press statement.

The Ambassadors expressed great satisfaction with the progress of the political process and the government and the person of the Prime Minister, and referred to the positive indicators of the new government’s ability and steps to promote Iraq, expressing the full commitment of their countries to support Iraq during the next phase.

The Ambassadors stressed their countries’ commitment to the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program and their support for Iraq in its position and to protect Iraq from the effects of sanctions.

The Ambassadors stressed the desire of the three European countries to work together with Iraq, pointing out that the approach adopted by the new Iraqi government is in line with the basic principles of these countries, including Iraq’s balanced regional and international positions and seeking to establish good relations with all, stressing that “their countries view Iraq as an important strategic and economic regional power.”

The Prime Minister stressed “Iraq’s interest in its relations with the three European countries and its constant contact with them at the highest levels and its efforts to strengthen them in various fields,” noting that the country is on the right track and witness continuous developments, especially after his victory over Daesh gangs who were threatening the whole world, not just Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency