American Authorities appeal to citizens to search for a missing F-35 fighter plane

The military air base in South Carolina requested citizens’ help in searching for a missing F-35 fighter plane belonging to the US Marine Corps after its pilot jumped out.

US Marine Corps investigators began an investigation after the accident that led to one of their pilots jumping from an F-35 fighter jet over North Charleston on Sunday afternoon. The pilot was found alive and was transported to a nearby medical center after parachuting into South… Kenwood Drive is just a few hundred yards from the air base in North Charleston.

“If you have any information about the whereabouts of the F-35, please contact the Defense Base Operations Center,” Joint Base Charleston said.

A number of American media outlets announced that an American F-35 fighter plane, the newest in the US Air Force, crashed at the Charleston base in South Carolina and the pilot survived, without further details about the reasons for the fighter’s downing.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency