American Journal publishes Forensic Evidence Department’s Scientific Research

ABU DHABI: The Journal of Forensic Sciences has published scientific research conducted by the Forensic Evidence Department at the Directorate General of Security and Ports Affairs of Abu Dhabi Police, titled: “The Best Estimate of Age at Death Through Children’s Teeth- U.A.E.”. Colonel Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, Head of the Forensic Evidence Department at the Directorate General of Security and Ports Affairs at Abu Dhabi Police, said that the research was published in the scientific journal in full, which reflects the scientific trust given to Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, represented by the Forensic Evidence Department, by the international scientific and forensic communities.

He added: “The Journal of Forensic Sciences is one of the most important scientific journals, in terms of impact and quality, and it is a leading journal globally because of its comprehensive forensic specialties.” He clarified that the research is the first of its kind in estimating citizens’ ages at their time of death, and said that the research will benefit the future of scientific research in the Arab world.” Dr. Salem Saeed Al Dhuhouri, presented a lecture during the American Academy of Forensic Sciences’ 65th Annual Meeting in the state of Washington in the USA. He explained his method of setting up a database that estimates the age of people ranging between 4-23 years old, from a selected category of residents in a sample of 1900 people.

Al Dhuhouri clarified that the importance of this study is that it reveals the positive impact of children’s rights, especially in the absence of identity documents or in the cases of undefined age in front of the judicial system or in front of any other state authorities.

The research paper summarizes the possibility of the U.A.E. using the tooth development age method, as per the Williams charts, used mainly among European Caucasians in Europe and America.