An American foundation awarded Khalifa Fund for innovation in entrepreneurship

Abu Dhabi: A specialized American foundation has awarded Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development for its significant achievement in innovation in spreading awareness and knowledge about entrepreneurship among the Emiratis.

Abdullah Saeed Al Darmaki, CEO of the Fund, received the award on the sidelines of the World Summit on Innovation ‘&’ Entrepreneurship which took place in Boston, United States of America, with presence of more than 600 delegates from different entities from 50 countries whom all were interested in innovation in SME.

“Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development follows a unique strategy to implement the direction of the government in providing the sustainable growth and to support the social welfare which the Emiratis people should enjoy, and that can be achieved through introducing many initiatives and programs which are designed to all of society segments”, said Al Darmaki after being awarded.

During the past five years Khalifa Fund successfully emphasize the concept of innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship within different society segments especially the youth through many initiatives and programs designed mainly for school and university students. In addition to that, Khalifa Fund designed programs with social impact.

Delegates from Khalifa Fund as well as some of the applicants funded by Khalifa Fund participated in the World Summit on Innovation ‘&’ Entrepreneurship, in which Mr. Al Darmaki made a presentation about the goals and programs of the Fund and some of its achievement in spreading the knowledge about entrepreneurship and innovation either through the economic programs or social programs.

“Khalifa Fund’s participation in such events comes as part of its effort to stay of touch with the best practice in the field of innovation in SMEs worldwide, in addition to networking and building partnership with other organizations”, said Al Darmaki “Khalifa Fund made several of meetings and discussion with the representatives of educational institutes as well as the investment companies in order to learn from their experience in different field”, added Al Darmaki.

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