An artistic dimension to commute on Dubai Metro

ABU DHABI: Metro commute in Dubai is all set to acquire a new dimension with the latest government initiative to turn Metro stations into art hubs, commented a U.A.E. daily. “This transformation, which will showcase U.A.E.’s heritage and history as seen through artists’ expressions, is a welcome progression for Dubai’s urbanism”, said Gulf News in its editorial on Wednesday.

It is a stage of evolution whose time has come as the emirate confirms its position as the regional art magnet. Dubai’s credentials as an art destination are now a reality and through the year, international and regional artists arrive at its doorstep, finding it to also be a gateway to significant art portals around the world.

Coupled with the increasing germination of local talent, this medium’s visibility is on the increase and the initiative can only ensure its strong presence in utilitarian urban pods as well. As the oldest and primary expression of man, art enriches itself and the individual who engages with it, as much through ubiquitousness as through exclusivity.

“Beyond the museums and galleries that are its hallowed repositories, this human expression also thrives in places that invite a spontaneous engagement with it. In acknowledging this spontaneity, Dubai is ushering in an exciting new way of life for residents and visitors”, concluded the paper.