An exception should be made for freedom of speech that fuels discrimination, says paper

WAM ABU DHABI: There should be an exception made for freedom of speech that fuels discrimination particularly hate crimes against a community, which has already been negatively stereotyped in the last decade, a local newspaper on Friday demanded.

“After all, the US does have clear laws against discrimination on the federal and state level. Should then anti-Islam propaganda be allowed in the post-9/11 environment, if it intensifies discrimination against Muslims?”, the Khaleej Times, an English-language newspaper, rhetorically asked in an editorial.

The paper was commenting on President Obama’s speech before the 67th UN session in New York which he condemned the violence in Muslim countries sparked by the sacrilegious video and said that no video “justifies an attack on the [US] embassy in Libya”.

President Obama, an “excellent orator”, is right there is no excuse for the public outrage that followed the refusal to ban the movie. But there’s also no excuse for being ignorant of how one man’s freedom can transgress on another’s rights, according to the paper.

President Obama, it noted, has seriously neglected is that every issue has a historical and social context and the demand by Muslim countries to ban the YouTube video is no different. Ideals like free speech may appear great in theory, but in real life their practice will hardly be free’ of problems, the paper concluded.

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