‘Arab Charter Committee’ concludes visit to UAE

CAIRO, Mohammed Juma Fazee, Chairman of the Arab Human Rights Committee, the “Charter Committee,” highlighted the importance of the visit of the Committee to the UAE.

In a statement issued by the Arab League Committee in Cairo today, Fazee said that the visit took place due to the committee’s keenness to cooperate with the member countries of the “Arab Human Right Charter,” as well as to provide them with technical support, to ensure the achievement of the charter’s objectives.

He also noted that the committee performs comprehensive evaluations on the progress of the charter’s implementation and to monitor the challenges facing its adoption.

The committee visited the UAE between 17th and 22nd November, 2018, as per an invitation from the country.

During the visit, the committee held a workshop for government authorities and national institutions, with the aim of introducing the “Arab Human Rights System,” especially the charter.

The committee visited several government institutions and civil society organisations concerned with implementing the charter’s provisions, to closely monitor their measures to implement the recommendations issued in 2013. During its meetings with various authorities, the committee was briefed about the legislative measures and policies adopted by the country to implement the rights stated in the charter.

The UAE is among the first seven countries that ratified the charter, and it presented its first national report to the relevant committee during an interactive discussion in 2013.

Source: Emirates News Agency