Arab Coalition, Yemeni Resistance advancing beyond Zubeid Junction, south of Hodeidah

ADEN, Backed by the UAE Armed Forces, the Arab Coalition and Yemeni Resistance forces are making major advances beyond Zubeid Junction, south of Hodeidah towards Tahiti.

According to field sources, the Yemeni forces have gained control over Al Mashra’i, Al Ti’laf, Al Mashiakhi and Upper and Lower Al Jah areas, reaching up to Al Zahar area amid major collapses in defenses of the Iran-backed Houthi militias, who are sustaining heavy material and human losses along their main defence lines in Zubeid-Fazaa Junction.

The Yemeni forces are now heading toward Hodeidah Port, inflicting heavy damage on the Iran-aligned rebels who are fleeing the battle scenes en masse in a direct result of the intense offensive aimed at liberating Hodeidah from their grip, putting an end to their presence along the Red Sea Coast and ultimately ridding the country of the coup perpetrators.

Source: Emirates News Agency