Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union condemns US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

RABAT, The Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU) has termed as invalid any recognition by the USA of Jerusalem as a capital of Israel, dismissing the US decision to transfer its embassy to the occupied city as a blatant violation of the Palestinian people’s rights.

This came in a statement issued by the AIPU on the developments in the occupied Palestine during the 22nd Session of its Executive Committee where the Parliamentary Division of the UAE Federal National Council, FNC, has participated .

“Any recognition by the USA of occupied Jerusalem as a capital of Israel or transferring its embassy to the city is invalid and illegal. Standing with the occupation and settlement will completely destroy the chance of achieving peace, apart from being an outright violation of the international law, which grant the Palestinian people their rights,” read the statement.

The participants called for a seminar to discuss the current developments in the Arab region, underlining the necessity of strengthening the culture of dialogue and forming an AIPU delegation to visit Arab countries that have not participated in the AIPU meetings for some time, to activate their role.

They recommended at the end of the session that the AIPU General Secretariat should prepare, in co-ordination with the FNC, a thorough study on launching a website for AIPU in Arabic.

The committee also called for a seminar on launching an Afro-Euro-Arab Dialogue in 2018, calling on its members to attend the sessions, seminars and workshops organised by the Council of Representatives of Bahrain and to encourage the peoples and governments of Arab countries to support the reconstruction of Iraq through the International Donor Conference.

The committee approved two reports by the AIPU Secretary-General for the period between its 24th conference and the 21st session of its Executive Committee, as well as its draft work programme, draft budget for 2018, and the report of the committee on Arab Parliamentary Excellence Award. These will be presented at the AIPU’s 26th conference for ratification.

The meeting, in which FNC members Ahmed Youssef Al Nuaimi and Ahmed Mohamed Al Hamoudi, represented the country, was headed by Habib Al Malki, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Morocco.

Source: Emirates News Agency