Arab League officials discuss economic, social file of Arab summit

KUWAIT: The Arab League Economic and Social Council meets at the level of senior officials and permanent representatives in Kuwait on Thursday to prepare the economic and social file of the Arab Economic, Development and Social Summit, due to take place on March 25th and 26th.

According to the Kuwait News Agency, KUNA, the officials will discuss a draft economic and social resolution about the Arab League Secretary-General Nabil Al-Araby’s initiative to establish an Arab mechanism for humanitarian aid.

The initiative paves way for the establishment of a common mechanism to provide humanitarian aid by all Arab League member countries in case of natural disasters.

The Arab League Secretariat is in the process of establishing this mechanism that will be active in relief aid similar to the UN.

The Economic and Social Council officials will also touch upon the development of the Arab League Charter and common action in general amidst challenges in the region. They will also follow up the implementation of the resolutions of the last Arab Economic, Development and Social Summit, including the targeted elimination of illiteracy among Arab women.

Arab League Secretary-General, Nabil Al-Araby, in a statement to KUNA yesterday, said the development of the pan-Arab organisation was very important to enable it address challenges and problems that surfaced in the region in late 2010.

Arab Foreign Ministers will discuss the recommendations of the Economic and Social Council in a meeting to be held on Sunday. The top diplomats will put the final touches on the draft resolutions before referring them to Arab leaders.