Arab summit on technology, innovation held in Amman

Jordan’s many success stories on creativity and innovation were achieved thanks to the strong infrastructure and the bright human minds in the Kingdom, said Ahmed Hananda, Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship on Tuesday during the Arab Summit for Technology and Innovation. During the summit, which kicked off earlier today, the minister underscored its importance, saying that technology and innovation are one of the main areas of concern that are laid out in the Economic Modernization Vision, adding that entrepreneurship has been established in light of scarce resources and great challenges that Jordan was able to overcome, putting the Kingdom on the global map, evident by the many Jordanian companies and projects that operate in the field of technology and entrepreneurship. He stressed that Jordan was a pioneer in adopting technology and keeping pace with its development, pointing out that the world is witnessing a major shift in the economy, politics, jobs and the nature of daily life. He also spoke about artificial intelligence, indicating that it is “inevitable and we are thrilled to use it to serve our strategies, dreams and goals.” It is worthy to note that the two-day Arab Summit for Technology and Innovation, which is organized by the Pure Analysis Company for Management and Technology Consulting company, is being held with the participation of 500 technology and innovation specialists, experts, decision makers and policy makers in the Arab world to exchange experiences on emerging and hot topics related to technology and innovation, its applications and various innovative use cases. The summit covers topics such as artificial intelligence applications, robotics, big data analytics, augmented/virtual reality, fifth-generation communications networks, the Internet of Things, smart cities, cloud computing, cybersecurity, digital transformation used by sectors and industries, and others. The summit is a pioneering platform to attract a variety of attendees from all over the region and the world, aiming at enhancing Jordan’s role as a regional hub for technology and innovation.

Source: Jordan News Agency