Arab Youth Council honours Youth and Sports Welfare

CAIRO, The Arab Youth Council for Integrated Development honoured the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare, YSW, on the sidelines of an event held by the Arab League to mark “International Youth Day,” under the slogan, “Our Strength is in Our Unity,” which aims to promote citizenship, development and peace.

The council presented its shield honouring Jassem Al Obaidly, Youth Programmes Coordinator of the YSW, in the presence of Abdullah Al Hammadi, Representative of the UAE Permanent Mission to the Arab League.

In her speech during the honouring ceremony, Dr. Nassreya Boghdadi, Director of Civil Society Organisations at the Arab League, said that 60 percent of residents of the Arab region are below 29 years of age while stressing the league has prioritised the youth since its establishment. She also noted the work of the YSW and added that the Arab League established the Administration of Civil Society Organisation to promote cooperation with the YSW.

Moushira Abu Ghali, President of the Arab Youth Council for Integrated Development, said that the youth are the cornerstone of the Arab region.

She added that among the major challenges facing the Arab region are unemployment and education, and without citizenship, Arab countries will not achieve stability, and without stability, there is no development.

She also pointed out that the Arab region is going through a difficult phase, as there are conspiracies against Arab countries, especially against the youth.

The event was attended by over 150 young people from 20 Arab countries.

Source: Emirates News Agency